Math Trade

The 9th annual no-ship math trade was run on BGG ( by Anglotiger. We will let you know if a 10th math trade will be run as the convention approaches.

Games can be added to the trade until TBD.

The event will conclude on TBD.

Games will be exchanged at the convention at TBD.

The discussion thread (for people to ask questions). *2017 Math Trade

The actual list you add your games to that you want to trade away. Rules and policies are also described on this page.

This event was run by ANGLOTIGER. Contact him via BGG with any additional questions or if you need assistance.

*A BGG account is required to participate – accounts are free.

What is a math trade?

Check out this page on BGG for additional information. The following paragraph is from their website:

“This is a trade between a whole bunch of people at once, using an algorithm to decide who should send their game to whom. Because of the algorithm used, you can only get a game you prefer over what you started with. (Or at worst, you may just keep your original game.)

Sometimes this kind of trade is called a “mathematical no-risk trade list.” This is just a longer name for the same thing.”